A list of courses worth working your way through.



(Available via Audible)

  • John McWhorter’s Language Families of the World. An enchanting adventure into the complexities and evolution of language. Come for the expertise, stay for McWhorter’s delightful array of accents.
  • Science Fiction as Philosophy. David Kyle Johnson touches on all the good stuff in this one: free will, demarcation of science and metaphysics, science as explanation, time travel, the myth of pure evil, etc. I haven’t seen most of the movies he uses to frame the conversation, and still found it well worth the time.
  • Bart Ehrman on How Jesus Become God. Erhman walks through the tranformation of Jesus from a simple Jewish apocalypticist to (centuries later) being proclaimed as the son of (equivalent to?) the big guy upstairs. He explains the differences and contradictions in various accounts of Jesus’ life, how Christianity diverged from Judaism, and how definitions of divinity have changed over time.