The False Philosophy Plaguing AI.
Towards Data Science.

An opiniated review of Erik J. Larson's excellent book The Myth of Artificial Intelligence. Larson points that most current "AI" systems are based on induction, whereas generalized intelligence would require a form of "abduction", or creativity.

Moral Cluelessness is not an Option.
Conjecture Magazine.

On the primacy of problems in moral reasoning. Moral theories should be judged according to how they solve problems.

Today's False Prophets.
Conjecture Magazine.

A harsh critique of cliodynamics, a field of study which claims to uncover the "laws of history" using data science and fancy math. I got my first ever piece of hate-mail for this piece.

When Unprecedented Times Meet Unprecedented Opportunities.
Giving What We Can.

A reflection on the incredible opportunities we have to improve the world and the fact that this is a relativity recent phenomenon.

Strong Longtermism, Irrefutability, and Moral Progress.
EA Forum & Curious Magazine.

A criticism of the moral philosophy of (strong) longtermism, a relativity new idea which is arguably coming to dominate the Effective Altruism community. Longtermism purports to be able to save "100 billion trillion" lives.

Pascal's Mugging and Bad Explanations.
Conjecture Magazine.

Reasoning with expected values is like reasoning with geometry: it should only be applied in specific situations. Overapplying a tool like this leads to absurdities, but unfortunately it's done all too often.