I’m a second year PhD student in joint program between machine learning and statistics at CMU. I’m advised by Aaditya Ramdas. Here is a totally-unnecessary-yet-for-some-reason-expected CV.

Research-wise, I’m mainly interested in mathematical statistics and applied probability—sequential analysis, game-theoretic probability, and anytime-valid learning and inference in particular. Here are my papers and some informal research notes.

Occasionally I write, mostly as a selfish means to improve my own understanding. Should you enjoy eclectic permutations of philosophy, sporadic book reviews, some statistics, and lukewarm takes you can subscribe to be notified of new essays.

I also co-host the Increments Podcast with Vaden Masrani. We have a few [sic] drinks and yell about topics ranging from the philosophy of logic and the reality of abstractions to education and the evolutionary origins of art.


You can try and reach me by email (benchugg \(\alpha\tau\) cmu.edu) or by screaming my name twelve times in succession in a very public place. The latter has, to my knowledge, never not worked.