I’m a second year PhD student in the joint program between machine learning and statistics at CMU. I’m lucky to be advised by Aaditya Ramdas. Here is an entirely-unnecessary-yet-for-some-reason-expected CV. I’m a member of the StatML group.

You can reach me at benchugg \(\alpha\tau\) cmu.edu.


I’m mainly interested in mathematical statistics and applied probability—sequential analysis, game-theoretic probability, and anytime-valid learning and inference in particular. Here are my papers and some informal research notes.


Occasionally I write. If you enjoy eclectic permutations of philosophy, sporadic book reviews, some statistics, and lukewarm takes you can subscribe to be notified of new essays.

After-hours, I co-host the Increments podcast. We have a few [sic] drinks and yell about topics ranging from the reality of abstractions to the evolutionary origins of art. I also co-host do you even lit? where two unintelligible kiwis and I make our (haphazard and tangent-filled) way through the world of literary classics.